Making the Hull scale thickness
All measurements for this project start from one of two references that is either the outside dimensions of the hull or the inside dimensions. The Tamiya boys did a pretty good job on the outside with the exception of the lower hull around the road arm holes, the height is not right and the road arms themselves are too long, but more on that later. The inside however is nowhere near right, mainly because the hull plates are not scale thickness, that not being necessary and the allowances made for the motorization of the model. So this is where the job begins. Using the actual thickness of each hull plate in millimeters calculations were done to determine the appropriate thickness of the corresponding plates on the model, then each plate was built up using different thickness’ of Evergreen sheet styrene
As you can see the bottom plate was also installed. It is a single sheet of Evergreen. Also note that the torsion bar holes are blanked out at this point this is because at the time I was not sure how I was going to be handling the suspension. Also take the time to fill in the ejector pin marks on the sponsons since the thickness of them was of little difference they were not plated (.005" Evergreen sheet can be a bit persnickety when it comes to plastic cement). These photos are prior to any weld beeds being applied.


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