Although David Byrden’s web site,, served as the original inspiration for my Tiger interior there have been many other very important sources of information that have all worked together to make the job easier. is my main source for numbers and measurements.

The following publications all serve very important roles in this project. Tanks in Detail No5 by Terry J. Gander provides good information and photos, some of the Bovington Tiger during restoration. The photos of the radiators and fan drives were helpful in particular.

Ampersand Publishing of Military Miniatures in Review has an outstanding reference in the form of the Armor Modelers Guide to the Tiger Tank.

Thomas L. Lentz and Hilary L. Doyle of course are responsible for the pivotal Germany’s Tiger Tanks D.W. to Tiger I . This masterful work encompasses years of research by the two and sums it all up in one easy to read and use volume

The quintessential Achtung Panzer series should never be far from hand, in this case volume 6.
This is a great CD of illustrations from original German Tank Manuals, Provided by

Although it may not seem it, as of now two 1/35th scale kits have proven useful in determining placement and conceptual basis for some of the areas of the tank that I do not have solid reference on.

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