Fuel tanks, Radiators, and Fan housings
The upper fuel tanks were built using the information provided in Tiger1.info. One tank was built form plastic card and then a RTV mold was made from which resin copies were produced.
The radiators were built using the drawings on tiger1.info. The back side of the radiators were left blank because they would be matched to the fan housings later. Again only one was built and a mold was made to make resin copies.
Once the radiators were finished and cast the fan housings were made, again only one was built and then copies were made. The fan housings only need to be a general representation of the real thing since once the armored covers are installed they are all but invisible with the only really important part being the fans. All eight of my fans were made individually. The armored covers were made separately for each side as some slight differences were encountered after the units were installed in the panniers.
 After the fan housings and fans were complete they were attached to the radiators and then the units were installed in the panniers along with the fuel tanks and straps. The wiring running along the ouside wall will be fore the rear S-Mine launchers. Once everything was in place the grills were all tested for fit and clearance when everything checked out the armored louvers for the radiators were built for each grill.
Overall shot of the rear compartment next to the Academy 1/35th scale tank at the same point in construction.



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