DKM Graf Spee
Laid down in 1932, launched in 1934 and commisioned in 1936 the DKM Admiral Graf Spee could have been the most famous German ship of the second world war if not for the exploits of the Bismarck, in fact the ship was far more succesfull in her intended role that her big brother being credited with the sinking of 9 merchantman in the South Atlanic and damaging the HMS Ajax, HMS Exeter and HMNZS Achilles in the ensuing action to end her success. The Graf Spee never fell to the Royal Navy but was scuttled after the battle of the River Plate.
DKM Graf Spee line
Graf Spee Coat of Arms
The model was built from the Heller 1/400 scale kit using the White Ensign photo etch set and she was built to depict the ship as she may have appeared upon entering Montevidio.
Graf Spee enters Montevideo
Graf Spee 1
Graf Spee
Graf Spee
Graf Spee
Graf Spee
Graf Spee
Graf Spee
Graf Spee
Graf Spee
Graf Spee cruising
The end of the Graf Spee



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