Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-11
The D11 model Dora's were different from their predecessor in the removal of the two cowl mounted MG131's and the addition of two 30mm MK108 cannon's in the wing mount, additionally the power plant was upgraded to the Jumo 213f giving 2,050 hp compared to 1770 hp of the D10. The model here is the DML 1/48 scale kit depicting red 4 of JV44, the airfield protection unit for Me 262's, this unit carried the distinctive red and white stripping underside earning them the name "Papagei-Staffel" (parrot)
JV 44 Fw 190 D
FW 190 D11
FW 190 D11
FW 190 D11
FW 190 D11
FW 190 D11
FW 190 D11
FW 190 D11
FW 190 D11
FW 190 D11
JV44 Pilots
Lt. Karl-Hienz Hoffmann, Oblt. Klaus Faber, Lt. Heinz Sachsenberg and Hptm. Waldemar W├╝bke

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