Messerschmitt bf-109 E-3

The first major redesign of the Bf 109 was the E series. The Bf 109E, or 'Emil ' included several structural changes to facilitate the heavier and substancially more powerful Daimler-Benz DB 601engine, heavier armament and increased fuel capacity. Later variants of the E introduced a fuselage bomb rack or provision for a drop-tank. The 109E first served with the "Legion Condor" at the end of the Spanish Civil War and was the main variant at the start of World War II untill 1941 when the 109F began to replaced it. Eight 109Es were assembled in Switzerland in 1946 by the Dornier-Werke, using licence built airframes and a ninth was assembled using spare parts.

This model is the aged Monogram kit in 1/48th assembled to depict "Yellow 10" flown by Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz, Staffelkapitän 6./JG53, Mannheim-Sandhofen Winter 1939/1940.

Me-109 E
ME 109 E 3
ME 109 E 3
ME 109 E 3
ME 109 E 3
ME 109 E 3
ME 109 E 3
Heinz Bretnütz
Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz
JG 53 "Pik As"


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