David Byrden’s site where he is constructing a virtual Tiger 1with lots of detail pictures and scale drawings.
Plans, drawings, and such from actual German sources like the D656/21, 22, 30 and 27.
Sound Tiger I informational site with several galleries.
AFV modeling website.
Tony Mattellano’s site with over 3500 scale modeling related websites.
AFV modeling website.
Panzer information with no end
The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society’s website.
Kevin Wheatcroft’s web site, check out the cut away Tiger I Transmission.
A German site all about the Panther includes a Pantherfibel.
The official RAL color standards web site, old, new, out of use. It’s all there with numbers.
A site dedicated to the awards of the Wehrmacht.
This site is about Estonians in German service during WWII.
A site detailing different weapons of the German army during WWII.
Alumilite’s website were products can be directly ordered.
Vallejo’s website with color ranges and usage tips.
What can be said its MIG Productions.
All of Plastruct’s products can be ordered direct.
Great tools for those hard to reach places.
Extreme detail publications in color. Centered on Kevin Weatcroft’s rebuilds.
Magicsulp can be purchased direct.
Evergreen’s informational website.
Scale conversion calculator

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