Gap Filling with Mr. Surfacer

Here is a simple gap filling procedure using Mr. Surfacer. The greatest benefit of this method is that no sanding is necessary which greatly speeds the finish process and on aircraft in particular removes the possibility of lost surface detail and the resulting difficulty in replacing that detail.

Here are the things you will need. The most important product will be Gunze Mr. Color thinner, it is the ONLY product that will reduce Mr. Surfacer, so if you have been using Mr. surfacer and have a stack of old brushes that have been doomed from using the stuff this will save you there as well. Additionally this Laquor thinner will not attack the plastic. The next thing, of course, is Mr. Surfacer. We will be using 1200 as it is the finest of the product line. A small pointed brush to apply the Mr. Surfacer with a container for a portion of thinner and several Q-tips for removal of the Mr. Surfacer at the gap.

And lastly, we will need a suitably offensive gap to fill. Here we see the gap in the vertical stabilizer of the Tamiya G4M Betty Bomber.

Step 1. After mixing the Mr. Surfacer apply it generously to the gap using the pointed brush. Let it dry for a moment and the repeat as necessary to get even coverage and depth.

Step 2. After the Mr. Surfacer has set up for awhile, just a few minutes or completely cured, wipe of the excess using the Q-Tip dipped in Mr. Color thinner while using the dry side to clean up as you go. several passes may be required the thicker the application of Mr. Surfacer. Here, after the first application you can see our largely reduced gap but additional fills will be necessary as the process will inevitably remove unwanted Mr. Surfacer. As the Excess Mr. Surfacer is being worked with the Q-Tip some of the material can be worked back into the gap.

In this last photo we see that the gap is gone after three application of Mr. Surfacer and that the external spar along the stabilizer is unaffected by the process were as if any type of putty had been used some damage would have been the result.


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