Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I

As with all modeling projects this one began with an inspection of all the parts in the box. Next I threw together the suspension, drive train and lower hull and played for a couple days, so cool! But it wasn’t long before I had all of that pulled back apart and began the long arduous task of making a real tank.  I have decided to put each phase of the build into an “article” this page will index the articles as they are completed with each article linking back to this index at the end.

The intent of the project is to recreate a Tiger I produced Mid April to Mid May 1943 but from what unit I have not yet decided. I will need to add a loaders periscope to the turret and reproduce the Maybach hl210 engine. This decision will put the Tiger I just a little beyond the production period represented by the Tamiya kit as it comes.

First a word about processes used during the project. All layouts were done using the technical information provided at TigerI.info, the drawings were printed out and the values were converted with scalecalc. Any drawings that did not have the necessary measurements were scaled with a caliper and then the proper measurements were estimated, if a reasonable template could be made from a drawing then it was scaled up or down with a photo copier until it was the right size, then the template cut out and transferred to sheet plastic.  Any parts that could not be reproduced this way were built up using photographs from one of my reference sources.  Even a photo can be scaled as long as you have one good reference measurement and a suitable conversion calculator. All multiple parts, like the torsion bar/road arm bearings, radiators and fan housings were built as one or two units and then resin copies were made from RTV molds.  


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